Our name sake; wreath, crown and by extension; reward, honor, renown & fame. The olive wreath, awarded to olympic champions - from which the crown, symbol of rulers was derived.


A motif of subtle cultural references drawn from classic Mediterranean arts and heritage. Raw fabrics, dulled out tones and oversized cuts collate into a refined wardrobe of staple pieces, easily matched and interchangeable.


Fit, quality, design and sustainability are the foremost values we share, with an ongoing cause to consistently improve and perfect each; within every season, collection and release.


More than the brand... more than just the conventional purpose, we're here for the culture. Our product promotes a lifestyle; refined, clean, organised and aesthetically pleasing. Paying homage to our heritage and showing appreciation for the arts. This is our aesthetic and our community shares these values; thereon lies our culture.

Modern Heritage - Capsule Wardrobe

Stephanos P. & J. Young

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